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Mosaic is here!

Join MetaCancer’s free new online oasis, a sanctuary for people living with metastatic or advanced cancer, Mosaic.

Here, you are welcome to share your experiences with others, or just keep it to yourself. It’s a safe and supportive environment that lets people with metastatic cancer and caregivers express themselves. Whether posting pictures, thoughts or art, Mosaic members share and express on their own terms. From a shout to a whisper, from a laugh to a tear, you can make your voices and feelings heard. Be among the first to join our Mosaic community!

About Mosaic


Mosaic is an oasis that allows you to share your experiences with others or just keep it to yourself. It’s a safe and supportive environment that lets you express yourself and chronicle your journey, no matter where you are or what you’re feeling. From a shout to a whisper, you can make your voice heard – even if it’s only by you.
Color Wheel

What color are you?

For every step of the way, how you feel is an integral part of the journey. Track how your feelings change through Mosaic.

Choose a color that’s important to you, in the moment, and it will be represented on the Mosaic’s community canvas. Every piece is a person, every person a story. Your color is always part of the ever-changing whole. No matter how much or how little you decide to share, seeing a Mosaic of each person’s color reminds you that you are not alone.

Chronicle your journey from your first step

Your personal timeline lets you see how your color has changed over time. You can also look back on what you’ve posted along the way.

Share and express on your own terms

Thoughts and ImagesPost pictures, thoughts or art. Let others know what’s happening with you. Even though you are part of a community, your journey is personal and your privacy will be respected. You have the power to choose specifically what you want to share and with whom, whether they’re patients, caregivers, family members, friends, or the world. How you share is completely up to you.

Interact with others on similar journeys

Sharing Preferences
Beyond knowing that you are part of the Mosaic community, you might want to draw strength from others facing similar issues, or offer them support yourself. You can allow certain users to interact with your journey and comment on your posts, and you can respond to others who have decided to share. Your own contributions, no matter how trivial, have the potential to inspire others, to encourage the need to vent, or to help others to find more ways of feeling in control. You have the power to make Mosaic your own kind of oasis, with as much interaction with others as you might want or need.

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