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Photo Credit: K. Lundblad

Photo Credit: K. Lundblad

Asking for help is not easy for most of us. There can be many reasons for this — for example, to avoid feeling a loss of control, showing weakness or just being vulnerable. It’s frustrating, scary and overall difficult when we’re not easily able to (or just can’t) do the things that we are so accustomed to doing. Daily routines, chores, tasks often take all our energy.

Ironically, many of us are happy to help others in need… so why is it so hard to be the person receiving help?

Below are 5 reasons (and there are many more!) why you should consider asking for help/support.

  1. Decreases stress – You’ll have one less thing on your plate.
  2. Saves energy – You’ll have more strength for the things you want to do.
  3. Lessens isolation – You’ll be connecting with your support network..
  4. Makes others feel good – You’ll be giving others something that they can actively do to help.
  5. Makes you feel good – You’ll be amazed by the people who want to be helpful and supportive.

If you’re not already asking for or receiving help, I hope at least one of these 5 reasons will make you reconsider.

Is it hard to ask for help… or is it easy? Let me know what you think; I look forward to hearing your thoughts and experiences.



Stephanie Stern, LCSW-C is an oncology social worker and the moderator of The MetaCancer Foundation’s Mosaic Online Support Community.

The MetaCancer Foundation provides information and resources focused on the unique psychological and emotional aspects of living with metastatic cancer. Mosaic is a free online support service for people living with metastatic cancer and their loved ones.

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