Sex & Cancer: Uncomfortable?


couple-shadow-msTalking about sex is an uncomfortable topic for most of us on any given day…now throw cancer in the mix and the subject of sex rarely is discussed.

Sex is a natural feeling and act…and most often kept private. People seem to be more comfortable making jokes about sex rather than sharing their feelings and experiences about the sex they are having (or not having!). Many of us feel embarrassed and even unsure talking about this intimate subject.

Many of us (health professionals included) under-estimate the importance of sex and the impact cancer has on us and our intimate relationships.

If you or your partner/spouse have pain or fatigue (the list can go on and on), sex may be currently absent, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have feelings about this.

If sex is challenging or even if just the thought of it is challenging, I want you to know that you are not alone. Talking about this very private part of your life can be helpful and validating…and we can learn a lot by sharing.

I look forward to hearing what you’re feeling, thinking and experiencing. This is a big topic and there is such much more to say. I’ll be back…



Stephanie Stern, LCSW-C is an oncology social worker and the moderator of The MetaCancer Foundation’s Mosaic Online Support Community.

The MetaCancer Foundation provides information and resources focused on the unique psychological and emotional aspects of living with metastatic cancer. Mosaic is a free online support service for people living with metastatic cancer and their loved ones.


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